About Expat advice


Firstly Welcome to Switzerland

The Expat advice team is a group ran by a large number of Expats and locals in The Basel and Zurich area of Switzerland who have vast knowledge of living and been brought up in the different regions of Switzerland.

We not only give away a lot of free information to help you integrate into life in Switzerland, but we also offer you and your family a Personal service, though guided tours of your town, invites to meet fellow expats, taking you for your first shopping trip to show you where to get the essentials you need and give you direct support to you on any questions and concerns you have at the click of a button.


At Expat Advice our different levels of help are aimed to give you as much support as you feel you need. We help with integration in your local area plus point you in the right direction when you get lost in translation.


Our people translate from German and French into English, French and Spanish.


We can help you make living in Switzerland one of you’re best experiences.


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